Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for employment in a Goodwill store?
For retail employment opportunities, contact the store nearest you and ask to speak with a member of the management team or visit our Jobs section of the website. 

How can I find a specific item at a Goodwill store?
Goodwill does not keep an inventory of items because of the wide array of unique and one-of-a kind items/donations received at each of our four locations. The best way to find a specific item is by frequently visiting a Goodwill store near you or by visiting Goodwill's online auction site,

How long do I have to pick up furniture once I've purchased it?
All furniture sold on the sales floor must be picked up within 24 hours, or it will be returned to the sales floor. 

Does Goodwill clean items before placing them on the sales floor?
The majority of our merchandise is secondhand, and while staff does not clean each item before it is placed on the sales floor, they do sort the donations before placing them on the sales floor, checking for damaged merchandise and other flaws. Goodwill complies with all laws in regard to the resale of secondhand items. 

Do Goodwill stores sell items from their back rooms?
It is against Goodwill's policies to sell merchandise from the back room or parking lot, and no merchandise can we held in the backroom for a future purchase. Some items may be held in the back room or in the store manager's office if they will be sold on Goodwill's online auction site, 

Are Goodwill employees allowed to shop in the stores?
Yes, store employees may shop in our stores, but only items that are on the sales floor may be purchased, and employees must shop on their days off.