Employment Services

It is our belief that everyone has something to contribute to the community. Sometimes the skills and abilities of a person aren’t apparent. Their talents need to be identified, developed, and focused on the right opportunity. By increasing the skills a person has, they gain greater independence and more opportunities .

Easter Seals Goodwill of North Dakota, Inc. is an authorized CRP (Community Rehabilitation Program) through the Department of Vocation Rehabilitation.  We are nationally recognized as a leader in employment services.

Once a person has been authorized to receive Vocational Rehabilitation services and chooses Easter Seals Goodwill of North Dakota to provide them, our Employment Services offer individualized supports.

Our individualized employment supports encompass all aspects of employment. We assist in assessing job interests and locating jobs, obtaining employment, and finally maintaining employment. 

Contact our Director of Day and Vocational services at our Minot Regional Office for further information on how we may be able to assist you.